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   Zewdinesh Mengistu was born and raised in the vibrant capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, a center for international diplomacy, trade and arts for the African continent. Growing up, she was inspired by her upbringing and her mother’s love for handicrafts, to pursue her passion.

   After starting out by making dry flower arrangements and Ethiopian detailed arts, Zewd went on to collecting Ethiopian jewelry and then to creating designs and patterns with different Ethiopian hand woven fabrics.


   Since 2002, Zewd has been intimately involved in the world of creative design under the name of Zewd Ethiopian Creations. In all that she creates, she strives to capture and demonstrate her country’s rich diversity of cultures and religious heritage.

   Zewd collects beautiful beads, stones, and metals from all over the African continent and infuses them with her flair when creating one of a kind necklaces and earrings; her international experience and travels give her work a unique global touch.

   After visiting Staunton every summer for the past ten years, Zewd and her family decided to move to this beautiful and welcoming city. Now, she is able to continue her love of creating and sharing her designs with others through her new shop ZEWD's Far-Away Treasures!


   Zewd's store has antique Ethiopian handicrafts such as furniture, baskets, traditional dresses and fabrics, jewelry, art pieces and so much more!


Our doors are officially open to the public, so make sure to come visit us! 

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